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ReTech is a New York State DMV certified school specializing in driving instruction, technical assistance, and assistive equipment consultation for persons with disabilities. Years of experience in this field gives ReTech the knowledge and background to have been named the New York State consulting firm, for all vehicle modifications funded through ACCES-VR. New York Driver's Rehab
New York residents with specific needs and questions should call ReTech for information and assistance. This page includes pointers to important information, about processes for modifying vehicles, obtaining authorizations and inspections, and much more. Clicking on the underlined text will take you to additional pages of information.
  Information and Resource Locations - URLs and Downloads  
  General Information  
  General information for the ACCES-VR Driver Rehabilitation Program can be found at the ACCES-VR website. You will also find details on the current Standards for Automotive Adaptive Equipment and general policies (March 2010) guiding the process.  
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  Policy Revisions and Details  
  Narrative details and revisions to the policy (December 2014) can be viewed by clicking here. ReTech works closely with all of the major stakeholders including the consumer, the ACCES-VR counselor, the driver rehabilitation specialist and the retail dealer to help insure a positive outcome.  
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  Find Retail Dealers  
  Retail dealers can be found at the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association website.  
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  Find Driver Rehabilitation Specialists  
  Driver rehabilitation specialists can be found at: aded.net/  
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  Vehicle Modification Guidelines for Consumers - Free Download  
  A copy of the guidelines for consumers who are planning their driver rehabilitation and vehicle modification program can be downloaded from this download location.  
  Websites of Interest  
  The following websites may be of interest and use to consumers searching for additional information on adaptive driving devices and modification planning:  
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Adapting Motor Vehicles for People with Disabilities
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  Modifiers Information
Modifiers that have applied to use NHTSA Exemption.
Locating a Vehicle Modification Shop
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Filing Complaints
If you encounter a problem or question while trying to complete the online VOQ, call the DOT Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TDD 1-800-424-9153) and our staff will take your complaint over the telephone.
File a complaint on a safety-related defect in your adapted vehicle
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  Filing Complaints to NMEDA & ACCES-VR
Complaints against a NMEDA member or ACCES-VR approved vehicle modification shop
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