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  Program Direct Driver Rehabilitation Services from ReTech  
Restoring mobility at home and at work Services for drivers with disabilities
For people with disabling injuries or illnesses, returning to the least restrictive environment at home and work is a crucial part of rehabilitation.
 ReTech helps people realize these goals and enables them to function more easily and independently in their daily lives, by identifying possible issues and providing effective solutions.
  ReTech's offers the expertise of nationally known experts and specialty services  

ReTech offers the expertise of nationally recognized and known experts and specialty services in the fields of:

  The ReTech team is comprised of Assistive Technology Practitioners (allied health professional specializing in adaptive devices), Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, and rehabilitation engineers.  
  Driver Rehabilitation Program  
  ReTech is a recognized leader in the field of driver rehabilitation. A variety of services are available to both individuals and organizations, including:  

Driver Evaluation
Initiated on a physician’s order for services, funding agency, or self-referred, the evaluation gives an objective assessment of the individual’s potential to become a safe, independent driver or to resume safe independent driving. The services may be completed at the consumer’s home, or if a vocational rehabilitation consumer, at the local counselor’s office. The examination includes visual tests and a determination of skills, as well as a behind-the-wheel evaluation. Detailed recommendations are forwarded to the consumer, the referring physician, as well as the vocational rehabilitation counselor to implement a goal plan.

  Driver Rehabilitation
Implemented after the consumer has had a driver evaluation, this program isolates specific driver impairment and provides a program to compensate for the disability through the appropriate application of technology and adaptive therapy strategies.  Programs may also be designed for persons who have never driven.

Vehicle Modification Consultation
This service assists the referring party in identifying appropriate adaptive driving devices for safe independent driving, following a program of driver rehabilitation or education. The resulting report gives the consumer or counselor a bid-ready document that can be used for a vehicle conversion.


Vehicle Modification Aftercheck
This service is used to provide assurances that the equipment recommended was properly installed and that the client is able to independently use all intended functions and controls.

  Older Driver Program
This program evaluates the driving capacities of older adults with the goal of increasing or maintaining independence and safety. The program includes a comprehensive evaluation of vision, reaction time, perception and cognitive skills. Driver advisement and recommendations are made following this program. 
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  State Vocational Rehabilitation Case Coordination  
  ReTech has assisted in the development and implementation of statewide vehicle modification standards and professional practices. Standards development and state program implementation has been done with the states of Ohio, Indiana, New York and Michigan.  
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Driver Rehabilitation Interview and Case Coordination
Initiated on a referral by private or public vocational rehabilitation agencies, ReTech schedules interviews at the consumer’s home or workplace to assist in the development of a comprehensive licensing and vehicle modification plan. ReTech writes detailed plans which integrate and coordinate state motor vehicle law, federal motor vehicle safety standards and state vocational rehabilitation policies. ReTech then manages the process which includes: evaluation, training, equipment recommendations, quote procurement, modification quote review, state vehicle modification and federal motor vehicle safety standard interpretation, contract selection, and finally vehicle modification inspection to insure maximum success. Specific aspects of this service include:
  Assisting with identifying and scheduling for services to be provided by driver and vehicle modification evaluators, driver trainers, vehicle modification inspectors with the experience, knowledge and equipment to provide the needed services for specific customers.
  Providing technical assistance to counselors in response to counselor’s questions on specific customer issues.
  Reviewing vehicle modification evaluations and vendor quotes for completeness and compliance with relevant state Vehicle Modification Policy and Procedure Manual sections.
  Technical Assistance to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors
ReTech provides individual research and provides recommendations related to best practices, modification/adaptive equipment costs, and policy and standards development for individual cases. Technical recommendations for problem resolution are done through several local, state and federal agencies.
  Group Training Sessions
 In order to effectively manage statewide programs, ReTech provides group-training sessions on vehicle modification subjects relevant to services provided by driver evaluators, driver educators and vehicle modification inspectors. Individual training sessions can be provided to agencies, vendors and manufacturers interested in the adapted driving industry. 
  ReTech Driving Lessons  
  Driver Instruction for the Disabled
ReTech specializes in the evaluation, rehabilitation and vehicle modification planning for individuals who have disabilities. ReTech is one of less than ten facilities in the state that has a certified driver rehabilitation specialist on staff.

ReTech is a member of The Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, and maintains vehicles equipped with adaptive driving devices to serve individuals with disabilities.

  ReTech Associates is a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles certified driving school. With our outstanding staff of driver education instructors we help prepare new drivers for NYS road testing. A variety of services are available to individuals including:  
  Adaptive Driving Lessons
Driving lessons are provided to students enrolled in the ReTech driving school. Lessons are typically 60 minutes in length and pick up from the student’s home can be arranged. Driving lessons can be designed to augment the students home practice time or can be provided exclusively by our certified instructors. These can be provided by staff of ReTech either at our location or from your home. Please call or e-mail for information on prices and equipment available.
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